Sustainability with Waterfront City Dbayeh

How investing in real estate helps sustainability.


In our continuous commitment to corporate social responsibility, Majid Al Futtaim group and Waterfront City Dbayeh launched Waterfront City Cares. This initiative extends from the pledge of Waterfront City to invest 1,000 USD from the sale of each apartment into a fund that is committed to fulfilling the project’s responsibility to the community.
Investing in real estate in Lebanon helps us better commit to our responsibilities toward the community, the environment and the sustainable development.

Grants Round 1

The Environmental and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU)

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at AUB, has opened the weekly farmer’s market aimed at supporting the local farmers under the name: “Souk Aal Souk. The market is open every Wednesday at the Zico House in Hamra, Spears from 11 am to 5 pm offering only organic products at very reasonable prices.

Prior to launching the market, several training sessions and workshops took place, to include: Training on organic agriculture; rules & regulations Workshop on the potential of organic production in Lebanon under the patronage of Danish Ambassador Jan Top Christensen in AUB Training on food safety practices in the kitchen and for markets

UNDP: Live Lebanon

Live Lebanon has ensured a fully equipped ambulance for the Municipality of Bsaba to ensure first aid assistance and the transportation of patients to the nearest hospital.

The Lebanon Green Building Council (LGBC)

The Lebanon Green Building Council has successfully encouraged and promoted the ARZ Building Rating System which is designed to promote efficient management of energy, water, and other increasingly scarce resources in Lebanon.

Jouzour Loubnan

Jouzour Loubnan was able to plant 800 trees as part of the Green Real Estate Program

G Apple

Waterfront City Cares purchased 3 tons of apples from G in support of the Gapple Program aimed at empowering organic apple farmers. These apples were then donated to:

  • The Children of SOS
  • Les Restaurants du Coeur: all branches in Lebanon
  • World Vision

Grants Round 2

Brave Heart

The Brave Heart Fund received a grant in support of their 10th anniversary campaign and mission to fight congenital heart diseases with the message: “No child should die of heart disease because of a lack of funds”.

Waterfront City Cares sponsored their Gala Fundraising Dinner to assist in raising the required funds for this worthy cause.

Children Cancer Center Lebanon

The Children Cancer Centre Lebanon received a grant for their 2013 Campaign, where Waterfront City Cares was the Silver Sponsor and supporter in ensuring that the organization receives the needed awareness and visibility to ultimately raise funds and give the children access to the latest treatment in their fight against cancer.

The Lebanese Institute for Social & Economic Development (ILDES)

The Lebanese Institute for Social & Economic Development (ILDES)received a grant for their initiative to improve the skills of unemployed women and to increase their chances of adequate employment.

The project incorporates a comprehensive program that includes training sessions and workshops offered to these women and their families.

G Apple

‘G’ received a grant to support its ‘Gapple’ program for the second year.

Additionally, G has also developed a Green School Campaign that aims at targeting 10,000 elementary students (20 schools) from the Metn area.

The objective is to turn more schools green and encourage greener and healthier lifestyles; noting that students are the future of Lebanon