Waterfront City Sponsors the Lebanese Press Club Annual Dinner

Waterfront City Sponsoring

The Lebanese Press Club held its annual dinner ceremony on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Zahr Al Laymoun – Dbayeh in the presence of the Senior Development Director at Majid Al Futtaim group in Lebanon- Waterfront City Mr. Samer Bissat, members of the press and a significant number representative from Waterfront City.

The event opened with a speech by the President of the Press Club Bassam Abu Zeid, where he stated: “We want this club to be a platform for freedom that contributes to the development of the press and media work while defending freedom of expression. We will try to have the largest possible number of active media members from Lebanon in our club in order to form a united force and raise awareness.He added: “I would like to thank Waterfront City for its initiative. We will certainly continue to collaborate with them in the future, for the good of Waterfront City, the press and the Lebanese

Mr. Samer Bissat, Senior Development Director at Majid Al Futtaim -Waterfront City, commented on the occasion: “Waterfront City and the media share a common vision for Lebanon. We believe that responsible media create an environment of optimism, while a good economy creates jobs and productivity.

The Press Club is a highly responsible forum featuring the finest journalists and opinion leaders in the country. Waterfront City Dbayeh Lebanon and the Press Club were both built on the idea of faith in Lebanon and its brilliant future. Waterfront City is a city of diversity, the same diversity that allows freedom of the press in Lebanon.

This is why we believe that freedom of speech and investing in real estate development both represent big responsibilities and reflect the real image of Lebanon while creating an added value to our country.Most importantly, we both have a unified goal to create a better future for the Lebanese people. ”

Afterwards, the President of the Press Club Bassam Abu Zeid hailed Waterfront City’s initiative and its continuous support to the Press Club and the Lebanese media.