The Business Park at Waterfront City Dbayeh


Luxury offices for sale in beirut waterfront city dbayeh lebanon

Investing in Real Estate: Luxury Offices for Sale in Beirut

Investing in real estate in Lebanon, Waterfront City Dbayeh promises nothing less than a quantum leap in the country’s professional environment. The park is a hub for business comprised of 12 buildings containing luxury offices for sale in Beirut, set in a campus design. Situated at the midst of Waterfront City, the park is a step away from Malls, Retail, Marina, Hotels, and Public Gardens. The first Business Park in Lebanon offers multiple layers of advantages for various businesses.

The Grade A offices deliver column free open floor plans, ample natural lighting and 1600 parking spaces for residents and guests. Furthermore, the raised office floors ensure that The Business Park offers an infrastructure that matches the needs of global corporations and an ever connected and digital workplace.

The competitive attributes of The Business Park go beyond the meticulously studied interior office space, or even the efficiently designed exterior facade. The buildings are spread in a campus layout, allowing for ample green space and open areas for employee interaction and recuperation time. More importantly, the Business Park is designed as such that all the ground floors are occupied by shops and cafes, as well as restaurants and meeting areas, all literally steps away for the office door.

The Business Park is set to become the status-defining address of business professionals in Lebanon; bestowing many advantages on its residents and further enhancing their competitiveness, empowering them to grow regionally and globally. The productivity and efficiency increases will translate themselves into cost savings, while being at the advanced hub for business will naturally attract the best talents and encourage the world’s leading companies to be based in The Business Park of Waterfront City real estate in Lebanon.